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Obviously, you desire to score well in your CAT, for it is the first step towards fulfilment of your life’s goal. However, you will be able to do so only if you engage in excellent time management for both, the perusal of study material and practice of mock exams. If you sign up with TestFunda for CAT preparation online, you will receive combo MBA packs that will help you immensely. These packs are kept updated.

Outlined below are some tips that should prove handy.

  • It is not possible to be good in every topic of every subject. You are bound to have some ‘weak’ areas. Recognise them, and schedule your timetable, such that you may award extra time towards improving them.
  • Similarly, award some time to discovering your ‘comfort’ zones. See how quickly you can resolve questions related to these areas, before moving on to difficult topics. It will then be easy for you to work out what methodology you will use to answer the question paper during the actual examination.
  • Note that you are engaged in CAT preparation 2017. It is never too early to start. Apart from enhancing your knowledge regarding diverse topics, do brush up on your vocabulary too. You must learn at least 10,000 new words and read well. It is imperative that you devote hours to your preparations, every single day.
  • You must have clarity regarding all the basic concepts related to management studies. This is what management institutions want from the students seeking admission.
  • Adopt some tricks of resolving issues fast in the actual exam. For instance, you must be quick in calculations. Your online coaches will guide you.
  • Evaluate your progress by measuring your performances in the mock tests. Ensure that you do not repeat mistakes. This will defeat the purpose of taking tests then.
  • If you can do it, award negative marks for wrong answers, exactly as if your mock test is a real exam. This will cure you of the habit of making wild guesses!
  • Always keep track of time very strictly. You must not feel pressurised into making wrong decisions while answering. You must be both, fast and accurate. Time management is of the essence.

Yes, CAT is extremely important for the progress of your career. However, strive to remain focused and calm. You have worked hard, and the results are bound to show!

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