5 students you meet at every B-school

Every student prepares for examination, and every student approaches the preparation in their own unique way, but there are a few common ways and can categorize student according their approach of preparations. These are few types of students that you will find in every curriculum.


The All–Nighter Students

These species of students are like Batman of the students and hate their alarm clocks. They believe in preparing for exams by pulling all-nighters. This group work in serene silence of the night and will vouch that this helps them concentrate. They would never wake up early in the morning to study, but they won’t mind staying up late. They love coffee and can give you a lecture on all the advantages of drinking coffee.  Even during exams, they believe in revising for exam a night before and not after getting up from their sleep. They are always sleepy, it is a surprise that they make it to the exam hall on time.


The Early Bird Students

These students are exact opposite to the all-nighters, they differ from them in every possible way. They believe in early to bed, early to rise motto, and stick to it no matter what. They believe that a mind is fresh in the morning and will help them prepare well. Theses students love mornings, the birds chirping, peaceful morning sunlight, and a new day brings freshness. They love their alarm clocks and are very much a morning person. These are the people that a lot of people don’t relate to, because most us are grumpy when we wake up and these people are very energetic and happy.


The Smart worker Students

These students are the risk takers, but these are most common ones. They never study the entire syllabus, they think it is a waste of time and efforts. They believe it is okay if they skip on a few chapters or a few components of a chapter, as they will have options to solve.

These students perfect their strengths and don’t bother much about the things they don’t know.  They go with a notion that there is point in racking their brains over weaknesses when they can do just fine with everything they know. These folks are the smart workers, they study the previous year papers and predict chapter’s weightage and ensure that they will pass with decent percentage. Infact, they may end up acing the exams as well. This a gamble they take as they also take the risk of going horribly wrong, as they do not prepare for the entire syllabus.


The Devotee Students

These are the students that are always worried. They spend more time at holy places rather than a library.  They believe their deities will help them pass the exam even if they are under prepared or completely un prepared. You will usually observe them praying in the exam hall before the exam begins. and after the exams? Well, they still do the same. Even if they are completely prepared they will still find something to get worried about. Someone got to tell them, “God only help those who help themselves” and if you are already help yourself you will be fine. Being paranoid is just their thing.


The happy go lucky one Students

These students have a very different approach to preparations, they are never tensed, they can either be well prepared or not prepared no one knows for sure. They are envied by the others for their ability to stay calm, you can find them talking or immersed in their cell phones before the exam begins. But, these students always manage to scrape through the situation. They hardly fail, in fact at they may have better scores sometimes. No one knows how they do it, but they just do it. Luck surely shines bright on them.

Here are a few types of student that you will find any college or curriculum you.

Tell us which type of student you think you are. If you think we missed out on any type of student, do let us know in the comments below and we will add them in the list.





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