The Next Step After The CAT Exam


Yes, indeed, MBA is a highly profitable degree for someone who desires to make it big in the world of business and trade. However, you are bound to be rather apprehensive about admission tests and procedures. Let TestFunda help you with your MBA preparation online, via the provision of study materials, mock exam papers, samples and tips. You need have no worries, for everything is kept updated in alignment with the latest changes in curriculum.

Now, you may get through CAT or fail. You will not know until you receive the results. Until then, do not waste time in simply brooding and worrying. In case, you did badly, maybe a majority of the others felt troubled by the paper too. Additionally, CAT scores are relative, and not absolute. What you deem as low scores may not be considered the same by admission committees. After all, CAT concentrates on aptitude, and not on intelligence. You must know the right answers to the questions asked, possess good language skills and be deft at LRDI (logical reasoning and data interpretation). The best thing to do, therefore, instead of worrying yourself sick, would be to immediately apply, and prepare for other examinations that come up later in the year after CAT. There are quite a few of them, such as CMAT, SNAP, MAT, XAT, TISSNET and MICAT. MAT is conducted in December, as well as in February.

Apart from this, begin your preparations for GWPI, that is, the second round of the selection process after the written tests. GWPI refers to group discussions, written ability tests and personal interviews. You qualify for GWPI in accordance with your academic background, entrance test scores, work experience, and so on. Keeping this in mind, enhance your general knowledge by perusing books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Revise whatever you had learnt during your graduation years, for you must be thorough with diverse topics. Keep your script about career goals, your hobbies and interests, etc, ready, such that you come across as a well-motivated, confident and focused person.

Suppose you lose out in the first attempt. Will you give up trying? No, you will not! There is always the next time. Just continue with your job as usual. If you do not wish to work full time, opt for an internship. As you mature and gain independence, you will also gain valuable work experience. This will show up on your profile!

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