Some common Myths about CAT you need to know about

As you hear the word CAT, what you experience is extreme mentation raising alarms in your head reminding you that it is among the toughest exams to crack. Not just this, but there are various prevalent myths about CAT exam that make it nightmarish. Here are some common myths about CAT that you must know:

  • CAT is an extremely difficult exam – Your mindset with which you prepare and appear for CAT plays a crucial and defining role in your probability to crack the exam. Harbouring negative misconceptions cannot lead to a successful attempt. In fact, this is among the most prevalent myths about the exam. The concepts in CAT questions are picked from the 10th standard syllabus and can be easily solved by any student having a thorough understanding of the concepts.

  • CAT is meant for and designed to screen engineers – This is a strong misconception that CAT is specifically designed focussing on the engineering students. Although, the students coming from a science stream specifically from an engineering background do have one advantage over the others that due to their graduation discipline they find quantitative ability and mathematics easy to attempt.

  • You must have a good reading speed – Another misconception about CAT. Well, CAT is not an exam to test one’s reading abilities. Although you must be able to comprehend the questions quickly. If you understand something perfectly, you can surely read it quickly.

  • To clarify you must be fluent in English – English is not an indicator to clear the CAT exam. The verbal ability section in the exam focuses more on logic and conceptual understanding of the context.

  • People with work experience cannot appear for CAT – Your work experience cannot be a barrier or reason for not appearing for the exam. You can attempt CAT after gaining a job experience. In fact, statistics reveal that almost 32% people appearing for CAT have an average job experience of six months.

  • Female candidates are not preferred in CAT – This is again a major misconception. In fact, almost ⅔ of the total strength of students at IIM is contributed by women. If you go by statistics, the percentage of women appearing for CAT last year was 27.3%.

Keep your heads clean and clear off the misconceptions and speculations about CAT as you prepare for the exam. If you need assistance in understanding how to prepare for CAT, you can switch to online platforms like to get all the information on your platter. This platform not just keeps you informed about latest updates regarding CAT but also provides comprehensive study material to help you prepare well for the exam. In addition, you can take mock tests to identify and analyze your areas of weakness. All you need to perform well in the exam is a focused mindset, thorough conceptual understanding, persistent practice, a little patience and the willingness to learn until you understand a concept. So, whenever you hear any speculation or rumor about the exam, it is better to focus on your preparation than pondering over misleading beliefs.

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  1. CAT is an extremely difficult exam. Your mindset with which you prepare and appear for CAT plays a crucial and defining role in your probability to crack the exam.

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