Study-Plan: Why you need it.

study plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail – Benjamin Franklin

You simply cannot achieve a goal if it is not backed by a well-laid plan. A plan is the first step of the ladder, regardless what destination you hold in your mind. It is said “One who fails to plan, plans to fail”, and we cannot agree less with the statement.

The same goes for the exams, if you wish to excel in exams you will need a study-plan. The plan may vary from student to student keeping in mind their schedules and preferences.


We have listed a few fruits that can be reaped if the seed of study-plan is sown.

Plan of Action

If you are just starting to prepare for an exam, you feel like you are in the middle of chaos where everything is to be done and yet nothing is done. Often it is the vast syllabus that a student fears, but if you arrange the syllabus in parts and not as a whole, it seems more manageable.

A good study-plan will give you a plan of action, dividing the syllabus in the number of days to the exam and study time you need to cover the situation.

Chaos X Study-plan = Organised Chaos.

Helps you keep track

When an exam is months away it is easy to lose sight, and go off track. But, but each day wasted will cost you dearly in the final few days or months.

A study-plan has all your schedules as to which part of the syllabus is to be treated on which dates. So, you will always have a track of the syllabus with respective dates. In case you miss out on the syllabus to be covered on any date, you will know exactly what is yet to be covered. This will help you keep the track of your preparations as well as what is left of the syllabus and preparations.

Manage Stress

Last minute preparations are always stressful and exhaust you during the exams. This usually happens when students leave things for the last moment which builds up stress.

A study-plan will lay out a blueprint from the initial days of preparations to the revisions of final few days to the exam. When you have a plan, it is always easy to make the most out of the time available.

This will help you in reducing stress and prepare better for the exam.

Provides Direction

Studying systematically for regular hours increases concentration and covers up the syllabus one step at a time. This steady approach will help you focus better. A study-plan ensures that you are not stressed with a pile of vast syllabus it distributes it. A study-plan helps you become organised and disciplines your preparations. You wake up and you know your schedule, what is pending to cover up to meet deadlines.

Walking 100 kilometres in 10 days may seem like a mammoth task but walking only 10 Km in 24 hours is a piece of cake. Likewise, a study-plan simplifies your workload helps you to distribute it. Hence, we believe that a brilliant study-plan will always help you ace your exam easily.


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