10 Tips To Help You Prepare For Your CAT Entrance Exam

CAT Entrance Exam, often seems very tough to the students, but if they strategize and plan their studies well, it can help in scoring well as well as allow you to feel more confident about the test. Here are 10 tips that you could follow to score better and prepare better.

  1. Know your weak points: While preparing for your exams, glance at the previous years’ papers and analyse which topics you are confident about and which you aren’t. Having an idea about this, allows you to decide what topics need your attention more and thus helps you plan your study schedule accordingly.
  2. Know your comfort zones: When you are sitting for your exam, take 5 minutes to scan through the paper and select the questions that are from your area of expertise and solve them first. The remaining time you can use to work on the questions that you aren’t completely confident about, without having to worry about the fact that you’ll lose out on time to solve the questions that you know.
  3. Early Bird catches the worm: Students who want to give CAT Entrance Exams should always start their preparation early, this not only allows them to prepare better but gives them an opportunity to gain more knowledge on various topics. Also, early CAT preparation gives enough time to develop reading habits which in turn help to increase vocabulary.
  4. Regular Evaluation: A student should evaluate oneself every 15-20 days by solving mock tests or practice tests. This helps you track your progress and helps you analyse what topics need your attention more. One thing that the CAT aspirants should be careful about is that, they should never repeat the same mistake in every mock or practice, because if that happens then that defeats the purpose of taking practice tests.
  5. Concept is the Key: What most students fail to realise is that management schools seek to test the understanding of the basic concepts in a student. Thus, students should focus on understanding the concepts from scratch, rather than trying to find the toughest study material available for preparation.
  6. Smart Calculations: Though long equations are never present in CAT Entrance Exam, one must practice calculations rigorously on a regular basis. Students can get tricks of fast calculations from books and online coaching. This helps to save a lot of time, that is spent on doing calculations in exams.
  7. Daily Preparation is a Must: Preparing for exam daily is a must, around 8 hours of everyday study, especially in the last 6 months, preparation of at least 10,000 words for an enhanced vocabulary and reading novels on a regular basis.
  8. Time Management: The most crucial part of your preparation for CAT Entrance exam is Time Management. Managing time not only implies being able to dedicate a specific time to a section but also includes balancing speed with accuracy, handling pressure and apt decision making.
  9. Negative Marking isn’t Negative Rank: Negative marking is a part of every entrance exam, including CAT exam, and thus students should refrain from taking wild guesses in exams to not lose marks unnecessarily.
  10. Be calm: astly, students should stay relaxed and focused, and believe in the hard work they have put in while preparing for the exams. Students should be careful in carrying their admit cards and stationary to avoid last minute hassles and focus on your entrance exam properly.


Everyone preparing for CAT Entrance Examination 2017, can easily make the most of it and score well by simply following some of the tips mentioned above. Testfunda offers one-of-a-kind guidance, so that everyone is able to achieve marks to their full potential.

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  1. I was thinking of appearing for the CAT exam, as I wanted to pursue MBA. I had started preparation when I read this blog dedicated to CAT preparation tips. I got some really useful inputs that are helping in my preparation. Thank you for sharing

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